OLFU Home Automation System

A Brief Introduction to Home Automation

           Home Automation Systems began way back in the 1980's. These first Home Automation Systems weren't embraced by the general consumers market at that time because of the lack of user-friendliness of the systems for the non-tech-savvy persons who ought to use it.

           Nowadays, the tide has turned. Almost all people want their home to be automated. This is so because many systems that are developed right now are aimed at user-friendliness. The main reason being is because today's fast pace of people's lives and the fast advancing technology is catching up with everything. All people, especially the less tech-savvy one should be able to use these technologies, not only the user-friendliness of a Home Automation System, but also the whole technological ecosystem.

           For those who don't know what a Home Automation System is, it is simply the easier control over your whole home, most of the time having a centralized controller that is easy to access. Our team has developed a very easy way to have a centralized controller for your home. Utilizing the power of your smartphone, our team will make it easier, simpler, faster, and more convenient for the clients of our own Home Automation System!

           If you wish to apply for a Home Automation System, click here. Happy Automating!